Beginners WordPress Course

Course Cost R3500

This course is for people who:

  1. Want to set up their own personal website for a personal endeavour
  2. Run their own company and want to send their employees on a training course to run the companies website in the future.
  3. Have a small business and want to update your services or just need some more exposure on the internet.

Also for people who:

  • Want to create a website or blog they can manage themselves
  • Already have a WordPress site and want to learn how to use it
  • Are frustrated and want to take back control of their own site
  • Want a new career or a new skill to enhance their CV

What you can expect:

  • Set up and run a great website or blog of your own
  • Add content, images, and videos
  • Add structure and navigation menus
  • Apply an attractive design using easy themes
  • Make your site search engine friendly
  • Add contact forms and maps
  • Add social networking links
  • Learn to add all the ins and outs you need to run and develop an awesome website
  • And so much more

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